Greetings and happy New Year!

It’s not just a new year. It’s new era! A new week. A new you. Therefore shouldn’t your prayer game be new too? Most people won’t admit that they pray for 3 mins and run out of things to say. While others don’t know how to pray at all. We live in a time and space where we poured out your heart on social media begging for prayer. Only to get a prayers up comment on a post. Meanwhile the devil is wrecking havoc in our lives by day and by night. Most won’t even cancel bad dreams because they don’t know how. Trust me I went to church for a number of years and no one ever taught Me how to fight back in the dream state. I also believe that the teacher doesn’t appear until the student is ready. ARE YOU READY?

No longer will you have to plead with others for prayers. No longer will you run from prophet to prophet. Join a community of Prayer Eagles and become the chief prophet of your own life. Let’s turn the scriptures into prayers and repeat them fiercely throughout the day. Melt down the strongholds. You don’t have to drown in the sea of life. No one has to know! Pray at the midnight hour and become a very dangerous person to kingdom of darkness.

It’s time to act like a lamb but pray like a lion. God’s glory will be your glow!

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