Spiritual Ground Hog Day

Are you living a spiritual Ground Hog Day? Because your life looks identical to the lives of those you invest your time with. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you look just like them.

I know because once upon a time that was me. I lived a spiritual ground hog day year after year. Than in 2016 everything changed. The little bit of life thought I had fell apart. This time I had nothing. No home, no clothes, no money, and no friends. Trust me there was absolutely no trace of what my life once was. I should’ve been angry. I had just cause to become bitter. But for some reason my soul felt excitement.

Selah is what David called it! I was experiencing an enthusiasm that my inner man had never known before. This time I chose to be the sole proprietor of my life. Living life by biblical terms. It was a chance at living life according to the word of God. Rebuilding toxic relationships would’ve been to much work. So, instead of fixing what was already broken or resurrecting trauma and drama. Each person was replaced with a mentor.

Fast forward 4 years and 4 months later. Restoration of everything I thought was lost. Fico score higher than it’s ever been. Making more money than I’ve ever made. Private health insurance, dental insurance, accidental insurance, life insurance, retirement account looking real nice. Been featured in 9 magazines, 4 books, 2 movies, and a television series. Millionaire’s now asking me if all is well and to God be the GLORY!

These days I’m driving better, eating better, and living in a very nice home. Let’s just say the hood has been good to me and I even smell like jasmine flowers and saddlewood. No smell of smoke and no more morning breath. Thanks to a mouthwash named Smart Mouth. Now that right there is praise worthy. Won’t He Do It!

Beloved, I say all this to say. Sometimes God won’t bless us until certain people are removed. Especially those who know your business but won’t defend you or turn down a meal at your enemies table. Those who won’t even whisper a prayer for you. Why because those are dangerous people. Spiritual assassins waiting patiently for an unguarded moment. Your blessing might become their blessing and God is not having that.

Let me explain. There was a child in the Bible who died. Her father to Jesus for help. Upon arrival our Lord put the mourners out. You know those people who were sitting around talking about her death. Anywho, once they exited the scene. Jesus said "Talitha koum!" Little girl arise.

Why did he wait until the naysayers were gone? Glad you asked because the father didn’t want anyone taking the credit. Abraham said it best least any man say he made me rich. There are people in your mist who God knows will try to take the credit for your accomplishment. Remember he shares his glory with no one. Do you want a miracle? Do you need a miracle? Are you ready to live in KINGDOM status? Simply invite the Holy Spirit to push through and let the chips fall where they may. Trust me your comeback is gonna be good. Real Good!

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