Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Wear the freakin shorts. Trust me! I’m 44 and for most of my adult life. I wouldn’t dare to wear a swimsuit or shorts. Why? because body shaming is real! It’s what motivated me to post this picture on the internet. Don’t allow religion or a

72 billion dollar industry to help magnify your personal insecurities. They both will have you all jacked up.

Darling, you only live once. It takes courage to build confidence. Notice I said confidence not self-esteem. Confidence is built self esteem that my dear is an inside job. Let me just remind you that

80% of all women have cellulite. So, I say all this to say workout for you. Eat healthy because it’s right. Create achievable goals. Don't aim for perfection. Do what’s possible. Wear clothes that flatter your body and be kind to yourself. Learn to love those flaws stretch marks and all. The right pose will hide those saddles.

The right app can create what you think you lack and the right amount of money can buy you whatever you want. However, if by chance you are like me. Flexing on a budget. Simply positioning the camera low will have that 🍑 looking ripe. Wedging your panties while sitting up straight creates the cake. While standing on your tippy toes, suck your belly in, and that slight twist of your torso makes for the optimum transformation pic. Keep it 🤫hushed. You can thank me later!

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