Set Apart


The journey will continue to be difficult until you accept the fact that your not like them. Your not the black sheep of the family. You’re their example of honor and excellence. Your not the problem. You are the problem solver! Remember David was not held to high esteem by his father or brothers.

On the contrary he was isolated. And when he did show up his brother had something shady to say! STOP TRYING TO FIT IN! It’s time to accept the fact that you won’t be invited to the family gatherings and they won’t be seated at the banquets. God needs them to treat you like 💩.

I know it’s harsh but when he calls you. Like David, Joseph, and Jesus he doesn’t need you feeling some kind of way because their not invited. When he elevates you into another stratosphere. Lord have mercy! Let me explain. When David became king he felt no remorse. Jospeh felt no remorse stepping into his divine assignment. Jesus went up into the clouds and didn’t even wave.

God doesn’t favor everyone. Rejected by men means you’ve been set apart for God. Held to high esteem by man means you’ve been rejected by God. Beloved, ABBA is gonna want the same level of honor from those everyone of your relationships. Saul’s daughter could never bare children because of her attitude when David worshipped. Our Father is a good God. He doesn’t want any man to perish therefore he leaves them on the level in which he knows they can operate successfully.

The rejection is what will keeps your heart safe when the tables turn. Instead of wondering why they do what they do. Pray that the favor on your life leads them to the Cross Of Calvary.

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