Baby Steps

What’s one thing you wish you had known when you first gave your heart to Jesus?

I wish someone would’ve told me that Christian’s are still human. They are not perfect and not all are endowed with the Holy Spirit. Some will lie, other’s have sex outside of marriage, some might be jealous of you and slander your name. Even David a man after God’s own heart sinned against him. My walk with Christ had a lot of hickups because I couldn’t believe that Christian’s behaved in unbecoming manners. There was a time when I walk away from my faith. No one told me to workout my salvation and to keep my focus on God not man.

Daniel, went into Babylon Territory with a conviction that he was not gonna defile himself. He refused to give up his beliefs because he was in a strange place. We go along to get along. As a babe in Christ we should search the scriptures for answers than seek out wise counselors. Just because the pastor said! Doesn’t cut it. I ended up in many unfortunate circumstances because the pastor said or because I read the scripture out of context.

I remember when my Dad remarried he asked me to stay away from his household because my stepmother didn’t want me around. That day I realized that honoring my mother and father did not mean having a relationship with them. I loved him and although it hurt. I wanted nothing more than to respect his wishes. No this may not be the case for others but it certainly was an aha moment for me. Had I been struggling because I was reading scripture out of context? Yes! Indeed I was.

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